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    JUPITAR - A Wah Do Dem [LYRICS]

    JUPITAR - A Wah Do Dem [LYRICS] 

    Di wurl a move funny now
    Jah know, wollon now...
    Somebwuoy tear off dem shirt,
    Dem ina blouse and skirt,
    Me see them and mi a ask dem
    a wah do yuh.
    Dema bleach out dem skin
    and dem say dem look clean,
    my youth a wah do you,
    Some a falla back a man fi mek money
    and a hype up,
    mi wonder a wah do dem,
    Violence and crime a dat dem know
    my lord a wah do dem.
    Every youth know bout ecstasy,
    Drug intake a dem fantasy ,
    Abortion, teenage pregnancy,
    Guns and knife Dema pree,

    A wah do Dem.
    Dem na care bout education,
    Quick money a dem occupation,
    seek Dema seek fi a solution,
    without a situation,
    a wah do dem.

    Slow down with the killing,
    short cut ways a no winning,
    unu can't take a step without thinking,
    Member unu can't keep hiding a wah do yuh.
    Everytime, police a patrol,
    Becos Di getto youth offlate dem,
    outa control,
    see dem na friad a nun.
    Dem na care bout nun
    smoke shit and dem a call it hydro,
    yuh muss e mad.
    So wise up, wise up, wise up
    getto youth rise up,
    Better wake up now,
    And rise to Di occasion
    Helloo helo wagwaan music Man,
    if yuh can't teach Di youth na lead dem
    astray. ...
    Mi know dem 2face and dem can't run my race, tell em Dem can't trespass my way

    oh lord, oh lord.
    Who feels it knows it,

    Fake smiles mi na endorse it,
    Unu can't friend me when you feel bossy.
    Man ah General, yuh no see mi own dis.
    A Di General mi name, I'm not president ,
    but people respect mi, ina mi residence .
    I stand alone and im a symbol of Unity
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