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    [Artiste BIOGRAPHY]:- Paul Stifler

                                                                     ARTISTE BIOGRAPHY - Paul Stifler

    Artiste Name: Paul Stifler
    Country: Ghana
    Core Genre: Dancehall
    Discography: Headlight, EP
    Niche Equals: Popcaan, Jahmiel, Jupita, Epixode, Stylo G, Govana, Kalado.

    That a maiden upclose with Paul Stifler leads to the rare revelation of another great Ghanaian musical talent wrapped up in a calm-looking guy is an infectious contact is very true for every day-one listener of his music, even as the after-meeting period is a spread-the-word-out-there infection and one keeps telling others about Paul, their lovely find. Everyone else then becomes an instant Paul Stifler fan and an oral ambassador for his music. All this is, mostly because Paul’s lyrics attract some degree of familiarity from every listener. It’s either the song is offering you an in-lifestyle relation or it drives you around the verge of a very youthful future rockstar lifestyle you are wishing to live to tame down aging or social boredom. His dancehall pieces are prostitute pieces, most come with commercial cross-genre elements that appeal to consumers of AfroBeats, hip hop, RnB, Blues, and other genres.

    Paul Stifler was born and raised in Dome [Accra, Ghana].  The Eklu’s christened their son as Paul Eklu, but when the street and showbiz stole him later in his pre-career phase, professional branding dictates demanded he transitions into a steezy commercial identity. As a sleek musical export whose naturally presentable looks and lucrative talent meet almighty Hollywood’s superstardom requirements, Paul needed a fashionable brand name that would match or surpass the taste of his niche rivals. Paul Eklu became Paul Stifler, then! His high school mates named him “Stifler” when he was watching “American Pie” with them way back in school. Funny enough, they threw the name on him easily because he likes being around bubbly girls just like the character Stifler in “American Pie”.

    Paul Stifler is an Ewe, a very powerful tribe in Ghana.

    Having a dual regional childhood, growing up between Greater Accra and the Northern Region, it’s no surprise that the now adult Paul Stifler exhibits a characteristic combo of the Northerly wild and a strong capital city business mindset with a respectable stellar taste for topnotch luxury. His character build is founded on robust survival elements and a pro-mafia street intelligence. It can be concluded that life in the North made Paul a fearless go-getter while his capital city Accra business activities and experiences nurtured him into an un-quitting urban top hustler.  

    Paul Stifler gravitated to music at a very early age, growing up in an area full of music performers from whom he studied music performance. According to Paul, he felt his music talent pulse in 2013, but his pulse took a due professional turn in 2017 instead when he saw the need to push out his maiden single. He then linked up with Unkle Beatz and that led to the birthing of “My Gal”.  In his prior elapse era of no single, Paul was utterly private-active on a protégé cast, honing up his craft while studying the rudiments of the game to later give it a neat mature play like he’s doing today.

    Being a resolute indie with a full independent control was the best move for Paul in his earnest quest to launch his career, thus he cut out his total reliance on other’s pay-for-time studios and built up his own studio off Mad Vybz Records, his very own record label which has been super active since inception. Currently [as at this writing], Bobby Gentle is in on Paul’s solo employ as a personal in-label music producer making beats for Paul. Bobby produces, mixes and masters every Paul Stifler piece and he’s been of a very powerful key contribution towards Paul’s recent competition excellence.   

    About which famous artiste has Paul Stifler worked with so far, Nigeria’s Yung Brown takes the answer spot. Yung made a needed guest appearance on Paul Stifler’s “Ghana“ track which had a good rotation on radio stations in Ghana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya, Gambia and in Jamaican. Paul’s “Ghana” got in the hands of his business affiliates in New York who later introduced the song to over a dozen minority African Diaspora Pan-African groups in the States for a documentary soundtrack consideration in an all-black cast repatriation movie that preaches economic opportunities in Africa.

    With a wide influence circle that spans role models in and outside his core genre, Paul Stifler looks up to Vybz Kartel, Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Popcaan, Konshens, Christopher Martin, Jay Z, Dr Dre, Snoop Dog, Tupac, Kenya West and a few more others. He’s been in close peer relationship with top locals like Shatta Wale, Stonebwoy and Ras Kuuku.  

    It is more an upclose listen to real-life autobio pieces when playing Paul Stifler, because his lyrical content is in the most part about his personal life experiences. His is more a true memoire than mere fiction, gimmicks and imaginary thoughts.  Listening to Paul’s “My Story” brings one much closer to this truth. You feel in his shoes when his vibes hit you the most. To add up to his creative scope, Paul reads a lot of books and watches dozens of animation movies to derive extra complimentary content to support his works. When asked about what he intends his long time career goal to be like, Paul answered, saying: “To make good music which will stay relevant and positively impact the lives of the youth across the globe by encouraging them to take full responsibility and never give up on their dreams, because our destiny has always been in our hands and it’s up to us to make something great out of it”.  This goes up to say Paul is a preacher of juvenile self-reliance. “I have always been a music lover and it was something I couldn’t do away with, I just love music and I’m poised at using it as a life-changing social tool to empower the street”. Paul added.

    Down the Paul Stifler young singles catalog there is: “My Gyal”, “Obaa”, “Far Gone”, “Golden Fire”, “Ready Fi Wine”, “E No Be Me”, but up his steady discography, Paul has “Headlight” [a 7 track EP] to his credit. “Headlight” was solely produced by Bobby Gentle.  The EP’s tracklist comes in this order: “My Story”, “Mi Like You” featuring SuzzBlaqq, “Uber”, “Take Off Mi Pant”,  “Wi Up”,  “Mr Hello” and “Headlight”.

    While Paul Stifler’s laudable collaborations with Yung Brown, SuuzBlagg and Amakye Da Rapper are early sure proofs that he is a good bet for joint projects, his unique group project verse on i360 Entertainment’s Bad Bars Dancehall Cypher #2 gives a further sure proof that he makes it a count to drop a hot spice on every various-artiste project or collaboration he is called on, to sauce up its variety.  

    Unlike most young artistes, Paul Stifler’s musical journey has been a very happy one. “It hasn’t been a bad journey at all, as I keep getting several encouraging feedbacks from many fans across the world, but I am still improving on my art as time goes by”. He keeps saying this, seeing that he has a lot more super works in store. Having shared same stage with Medikal, VVIP, Jupita, Guru, Flowking Stone, StoneBwoy and other big name artistes, Paul smells a bright career future, even as his music is of a threatening competitive strength and he is also admired by the street. Aside music, Paul Stifler is a huge hell of a soccer player with phenomenal professional playing skills.

    The promotion plan for Paul Stifler’s “My Gyal”[
    https://youtu.be/0bMgMvB9CDA ] and “My Story” [https://youtu.be/7SqbwBKsz3M ] videos wouldn’t be executed down-cheap, hence he cut a huge ad spend for them by getting them pushed up on 4syte TV [Ghana’s ace video promo and grand entertainment TV channel], where all the big stars run their video promo. 4syte is the most expensive video promo platform in Ghana, and it has been the topmost medium of instant great exposure for Ghana’s famous artistes, because the channel has the most viewers as far as youth-direct entertainment goes in Ghana. “My Gyal” got rotated on 4syte TV in mid 2018. “My Story” followed up in late 2019.

    Only a pro-pet celebrity would get his dogs cast in his music video, if not for show-off reasons but for their love-for-animals reasons. Seeing Paul’s two Pomeranian dogs in his “My Story” video was like a payment of a master’s homage to his cherished pets. “They have always been my good friends, so it was nice of me to honour them this way by getting them present in my music video” Paul revealed why he cast his lovely Pomeranians in “My Story”.

    It’s indisputable to say no other in the world’s dancehall history does it like Paul Stifler yet when it comes to voicing. He easily beats down the debate with his lovely husky voice. If Buju Banton gives a rough depth, Paul gives the smooth depth. A combo of these two husk-grade singers will offer the dancehall world a tasty vocal balance on a blockbuster collaboration. Hard critics won’t critique Paul Stifler’s lyrical delivery rate down the marking scheme, not that he runs new times dancehall in other, but his choice of rare lyrics does the big magic for critical acclaim chances. He weaves his songs adorably, using his voice right in a way that commands intent listening.

    With a beautiful light skin adorned with ghetto tatoo stories, a Wiz Khalifa-esque face and an artistic pack that pushes all of American rap side’s artistic features, Paul imports into the dancehall side the elements of hip hop. He is more a sequel Sean Paul from the African corner.

    Media Handles
    Facebook: Paul Stifler
    Twitter: paulStiflerMVR
    Instagram: PaulStifler

    Bookings or enquiry: madvybzrecords@gmail.com

    ……… WRITTEN BY: Regula Rebel, +233 244 859 286.

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