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    [Event REVIEW]: Irie Jamz Festival Fills Nima Highway With A 5,000 People Crowd, Nima Highway

    Irie Jamz Festival Fills Nima Highway With A 5,000 People Crowd, Nima Highway

    AUTHOR: Regula Rebel

    Last Saturday night [9th December] is by now rang out with a yellow felt pen on Irie Ites Studio's 2017 project priorities calendar as the year's gold crown date --- the Studio's annual festival dubbed "Irie Jamz" had its successful maiden staging on the Nima Highway, pulling to the venue a compact crowd of about 5,000 partisans.

    Irie Jamz 2017 was truly a huge success. It gave both the organizers and partisans a great memorable euphoria and an ace carnival experience to live with.

    While the right side to the Irie Jamz stage was holding about 450 people, its opposite left was holding a crowd just a bit less than 600 people. The fore space, which is the main stand, as expected to hold more held over 3000 people.

    The sum of the above numbers is not even the total partisan head count, as 6 store storey buildings; 3 on each side of the highway, got their verandahs filled with partisans who had earlier on escaped a heavy downpour that dispersed them.

    It was a very busy night for the highway since 8pm performance start time to 4:36am closing dawn when Bullet Man shut the show down, performing right after Rudebwoy Ranking left the stage.

    An hour or bit more to two after main performance had begun rain started drizzling somehow weakly but abruptly accelerated to a very disturbing heavy downpour which dispersed the crowd in no time. The fore space of the stage got empty right then but fortunately for Jamz, the buildings by the highway served as rescue havens, they gave instant shelter to the partisans --- all their verandahs got full, from first floors to the lasts.

    Just when the rain had abated, Irie Jamz had back to its fore space a troop of returnee partisans and hundreds of new comer partisans who had then just arrived.

    Be it elsewhere, the festival crowd would have diminished to a small thick by the rain disruption, but once Irie Jamz had a promising entertaining start, the partisans mustered resilience against the heavy downpour which lasted 3 bad hours.

    Due to the prevalent heavy downpour, most not-yet present artistes coming from rain-struck addresses restrained. They unintendedly absent themselves from Irie Jamz, though they were officially billed to perform. The absentee artistes are Scata Bada, AJ Lyricx, D'Sherif, Renner, Blak Mexxiah, Burning Faya, Kamelyon, Iwan, Shinney Boy, Rowan,Rashid Metal and Xali Hali.

    The following are the artistes that came to perform: Rudebwoy Ranking, Ras Kuuku, Eye Judah, Linguakat, Osagyefo, Jah Lead, Bwoy Louka, King Vuvu, Xhila Roy, Multi Rolls, Madras, Sheperd, Boss Bae, Mz Freeze, Trigarzy, Wan Row, Bujwu Stingo, Amillion, Alkaboss, X-Blankson, Rhymes Beenie, Bullet Man, Sean Taylor, Jahwyz, Willing Wanna, Selah Bermah, Da Governa, Konkarah, Choky, Kay Tee, Ronny Rorific, Ibrahim, Vybz Starz and others who chipped in to support.

    On a fair sheet, every artiste put out his best performance, but the remarkable few that shook the stage hard and got the whole crowd screaming out so loud with their thriller performances were: Boss Bae, Rudebwoy Ranking, Multi Rolls, X-Blankson, Ras Kuuku, Alkaboss and Amillion.

    Very classic performances came from Jah Lead, Bujwu Stingo, Jahwyz, Sean Taylor, and Eye Judah.

    Artistes that added theatrical extra to their art to serve something beyond the ordinary cliché stage antics were: Boss Bae, Trigarzy, X-Blankson and Multi Rolls.

    Boss Bae gave the crowd some crazy seductive moves. Trigarzy was preceded by 4 gymnasts; the fore two pulled up acrobatic stunts, the hind two held a bull horn staff......giving the crowd some scary acting of soft mysticism.

    COUPLE MC'ing Cum SOLE DJ'ing
    It was a meaningful depiction of gender balance seeing Conscious Queen (Pink 96.9 fm) and King Lagazee (Hitz 103.9 fm) on stage MC'ing together on the Irie Jamz stage.

    It's always a perfect stage marriage when the King and Queen MC an event. While the queen arouses the audience's pleasure with her mild sexy wild voice, the king thrills them with his husky Jabba-esque voice --- reminding everyone of the ever noisy Jabba, the dancehall presenter on New York's Hot 97 fm.

    Throughout the entire performance time, Irie Jamz's console was solely controlled by DJ Nature Won of Bank of Music.

    Irie Jamz was organized by Irie Ites Studio.


    Published on 13th December, 2017.
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