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    King Lagazee's Win At Ghana DJ Awards 2017 Critically Reviewed, Hitz fm BASHED

    King Lagazee's Win At Ghana DJ Awards 2017 Critically Reviewed, Hitz fm BASHED

    AUTHOR: [Regula Rebel, CEO 13play.net]

    AWARDS are given as an open sign of popular recognition of one's career excellence; as a compelling motivation to encourage one to do more in their field of work; as a reward or appreciation for one's keen contribution towards the sustenance of a cause or an objective. After an award win, the winner is critically expected to maximize his contribution, reach a broader scale and fetch extra excellence --- but the big question is will Hitz fm offer King Lagazee the needed opportunities which he now lacks so he becomes duly capable of pushing Ghana's reggae-dancehall to the next levels after his win at the just-ended Ghana DJ Awards 2017 as the nation's best reggae/dancehall DJ of the year?

    The whole nation knows that the core organizers of the Ghana DJ Awards scheme are showbiz gurus at Hitz fm, where they work, and King Lagazee is their very co-worker. Out there in the street or the ghettoes, most reggae-dancehall lovers don't support King Lagazee's win as the best reggae-dancehall DJ of the year under review, but the award has already been given and it can't be revoked. Majority of the people labeled the award organizers as “nepotistic” for turning the award to their station homie the second consecutive time.

    In his acceptance speech, King Lagazee made it clear that his win is for the entire GH reggae-dancehall fraternity but not a pure personal feat per se --- a fact every deep thinker will never argue against, fairly considering the industry and how just one person can cause a big saving change in a certain setting.

    To the very deep thinker who has GH reggae-dancehall at heart and wishes the duo genre progress, whether King Lagazee had the win by fair or foul judgment, once he works with the Ghana DJ Awards organizers at the same radio station, Hitz fm, so much is EXPECTED of Hitz fm towards King Lagazee's career progress as far as his program frequency goes.

    It's so sad King Lagazee has a very poor program frequency of just one day in the week, it's even more pathetic that his program duration lasts less than three hours.

    It's really a big SHAME for Hitz fm that their very own two consecutive time Ghana DJ Awards best reggae-dancehall dj comes on air only one day per week whereas he should be offered a Monday to Saturday program slot, so he stands a perfect chance to excel more to hit a great career mileage. An award winner is a leader in a real sense, but King Lagazee is denied the necessary leadership opportunities he seriously needs at Hitz fm, hence there is no better way he can push Ghana's reggae-dancehall forward that fast --- once he is not given enough airtime to commit enough active contribution towards the progress of the duo genre he passionately loves.

    King Lagazee's
    scant airtime on the Hitz fm wave is of a great concern. Until his airtime is extended and his program is running for more than 3 days per week, his win as the two time best reggae-dancehall dj is a mere sweet ridicule, not yet a career pride.
    While on stage during his acceptance speech, King Lagazee disclosed that Mark Okraku Mantey contacted him at a time reggae dancehall was dying in Ghana to come do the rescuing. Mark is the programs manager at Hitz fm, but how else does he expect Lagazee to rescue GH reggae-dancehall if he Mark won't offer reggae-dancehall the same attention the station gives to rap music and the other genres?

    As a matter of fact, Hitz fm has no good package for Ghana's reggae-dancehall artistes yet, until they revise King Lagazee's airtime in time extension terms.

    Hitz fm being home to the core organizers of the Ghana DJ Awards and having very strong corporate connections, it is much easier for the station's management to support the growth of GH's reggae/dancehall artistes through King Lagazee's program.

    The street clamour is just this: GH reggae-dancehall lovers want to see their twin genres' best DJ cum radio presenter [King Lagazee] running on radio Monday to Saturday with at least a daily program duration of two and half hours. If Mark Okraku Mantey truly wants GH reggae-dancehall saved, for which reason he wanted King Lagazee active on radio, then as the programs manager at Hitz fm he Mark should let his salvation desire for GH reggae-dancehall reflect by giving reggae-dancehall a fair treatment just like how Plus fm used to do through Fiifi Selah.

    Some radio stations in Accra and others elsewhere here in Ghana have laid off their reggae-dancehall presenters for some managerial reasons not to so pleasing to the ear. Often, new radio stations use reggae-dancehall presenters to gather a huge listenership during their early years, but a few years later after the stations are well up and popular, their management lay off the reggae-dancehall presenters. Fiifi Selah, formerly of Pluz fm, and Nana Ntow of Radio XYZ are recent victims of such a lay-off. We don’t have much officially published lay-off statistics info on other reggae-dancehall presenters who have suffered this same sad fate, but we are sure there are many and some more is yet to follow suit.

    Reggae-dancehall is currently the biggest and leading genre in Ghana, hence the fans want to see more radio stations and corporate entities supporting the movement by giving due attention to the genre’s DJs, promoters, bloggers, producers, vixens, pundits, and most importantly the struggling artistes. Reggae-dancehall can bring Ghana a lot more as in huge revenues and cultural exports, but it seems corporate Ghana is blind to this GREAT economic opportunity.      

    NB: Kindly leave a comment below, so 13play knows your view on this issue.


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