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    Genre Switch From Reggae To AfroPop Earns Mainstream Ticket And Worldwide Radio Traction For John Q [His "Dirty Dance", A Hit Song]

    Genre Switch From Reggae To AfroPop Earns Mainstream Ticket And Worldwide Radio Traction For John Q  [His "Dirty Dance", A Hit Song]

    AUTHOR: [Regula Rebel, 13play.net]

    Early this morning John Q writes this on his facebook timeline:

    Believably, this is a testimony only close buddies and first generation fans understand best easily, just when their sight hovers over “Dirty Dance”, the referenced song in John’s testimony.

    Prior to the sudden production of “Dirty Dance”, John Q had mainly been a strict reggae artiste, but one with a latent virgin versatility that was so eager for rapid unearthing yet John relented to leverage this wild latency.

    John’s highly angry versatility lava exploded! at him unawares --- a compelling emergency that rushed him to Pee GH’s studio to satisfy an overly starved eagerness with a new genre, AfroPop.  News broke out that John Q has switched from almighty reggae, just two hours after.

    AfroPop was Rome to John, he needed a been-out-there-before Roman to orient him around some deep Latin tricks  if he really wanted to do what the successful Romans do perfectly. POW! Bright of BUK BAK popped out from his hidden cyst. Sooner, a would-be a fast hit collaboration is born, “Dirty Dance”. This happened at one New York after hours, fellas.

    The New York producer, Pee GH already knew his beat was dope, but it got even more better after John Q strung up his so sick lyrics on it, not forgetting Bright’s silky voice addition.

    Barely before 3 minutes after “Dirty Dance” hit he first blog, it has already gathered five hundred odd downloads and still counting. The next 15 minutes the song was on seven Ghanaian radio stations enjoying repeat traction and mass presenter applause. This early crazy statistics soared higher up the next day when several radio managers and presenters around the world trooped into John’s facebook message inbox with their urgent on-phone interview requests.  The interview request bombardment is now worse even while the ”Dirty Dance” official music video keeps running on TV screens. GH One and 4Syte TV being the early two stations to have premiered it.

    Compared to his 8-track reggae debut album which was recorded at the late Bob Marley’s Tuff Gong studios, “Dirty Dance” has expectedly hammered a great impact on John Q’s musical career, an evidence AfroPop did the quick magic for John, not reggae. This meaningful impact motivated him to put out this morning’s testimony on his facebook timeline. The testimony is real, with the x-amount of congratulatory messages he is getting from family, friends and fans.

    John Q switched genres, yes!......but reggae hasn’t completely lost him to AfroPop. John still has a firm stride stuck in reggae. Perhaps, this all-time-lucrative AfroPop is a comforting financial romance along the way through, sort of another strong brand major added to his genre list as a twin-genre artiste now.    

    A genre switch is not a sad escape; it is more about extra exploration, versatility leverage and true self. After all, some people become many different people in some life aspects before they finally become their real self at one defining moment when some reality encounter hit them. This most of us can relate to.    


    ………………………….PUBLICITY CREDIT……………………

    Regula Rebel

    CEO, 13play.net

    BLOG: 13play.net
    Call: [+233 277 368 238]

    Instagram: 13play_


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