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    Meet Konana: 2017's Loudest Explosion To Blast Out Of The Underground Throng To Heat Off Mainstream GH

     Meet Konana: 2017's Loudest Explosion To Blast Out Of The Underground Throng To Heat Off Mainstream GH
    [Article By: Regula Rebel, 13play.net]
    It's an obvious fact that there is a heavy throng of numerous waiting artistes who are ever resolute to whip a smart break into mainstream GH and leave the underground and its misery far behind them, but the most curious of them to explode out from the hot throng is Konana --- that big bad Eastern Region talent who is so poised to first shake the capital vigorously and spread the wild ripples nationwide and beyond.

    One Dot In Lead
    Just as one sperm beats more than a contending million for the egg's one entry access at the door, so will the Konana testimony be. With a too-hard-to-beat contention might, Konana is racing tough within his league for the highest trophy. He treats the music business as a very serious competition, thus he has already wrapped his music with a strong commercial appeal that will compel a fast popular acceptance following a few weeks of strategic promo. His will be well-financed promo --- having an early intent to not just win but win massively. Even, prior to official promo, Konana is already a strong brand to contend with, judging from the impact of his recent two test-market releases that are gathering more daily downloads on 13play.net and other blogs.

    Multi-Genre Sensation
    Naturally, Konana's artistry is a master craft born out of grand universality, his brand is not one-genre directed or wavering --- but he is a steady multi-genre sensation with a powerful marketable versatility, this makes his brand a good investment that can survive a taste change in the music market, as he can quickly switch to the very genre that may be ruling the game at a time other genres are stale and failing --- whether the ruling genre is afrobeat, reggae, dancehall, hip life, hi life or else, Konana can make an easy switch to keep his brand running hot. His play adjustment ability combined with the influx of commercially appealing releases will, most likely, help his brand to enjoy a timeless relevance in the game.

     The “Kona Cycle”
    The past only God knows how many years has been a period of proper preparation for Konana. He calls it "The Kona Cycle": a cycle that is basically a personal documentation of his behind-mainstream activities, as regards his musical career. The activities include: feasibility observation of the music market, yearly analysis of VGMA's awarding decisions, listing of hit songs and how long they last, monitoring the rise and fall of fleeting artistes, and very personal career routines like pre-exposure recordings and comparison of his artistry weight to that of those already ruling in the game.

    Bouyant Inventory
    As an extremely hardworking artiste, Konana has 200 odd songs in his record inventory as at now, and he is still recording extra more by the week. Judging from the goodness of his stacked songs, he sees his brand very fit for the current market and has thus drawn up a nationwide promo plan for the year's first quarter. On his production history, Konana has worked with Mr Algore, OB4, Ball J, Ajingo, Crownzy, Quik Action, Pynche Beatz, Fyba Beatz, K.O, Fan Cross, Voltage, Nshona Music, Cedi GH, and others. He currently has works in progress with Ofori Amponsah and Aboakwah.

    Konana's music comes in different themes, variously: Motivational philosophies, love and relationship, morals, life realities, faith, consciousness, party vibes, and every other theme connected to nature and human experience. Konana’s influences span abroad and cut across different genres, he has Bob Marley, Morgan Heritage, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Fela, Papa Yankson, Amakye Dede, Daddy Lumba, Angelique Kidjo, Alpha Blonde, Pat Thomas, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton and a lot more on his influence list, as a universal listener of all genres.

     Two Separate Test-Market Releases
    Currently being enjoyed by numerous first generation Konana fans are "Ahodwo" and "Nnase As)re)", the two separate test-market releases that were primarily released on
    13play.net a few weeks ago. Per 13play's blog report, both songs are still attracting massive attention by both local and foreign visitors that surf the blog, with "Ahodwo" leading with a download count of 5,703 clicks at the time of writing.

    Collabo Log
    As a lover of joint works and teamwork, Konana has several collaborations pending release, some of which are cross-genre collaborations. He has features with Kwabena Kwabena, Ball J, King Vuvu, Burning Faya, SK Original, Shatta Rako, Hans Bekks (of Brighter fame), Al-Malik, SD Authentiq Africa, SD Davido (South Aftica), Culture Brown (Jamaica), Iyk Wonder (Nigeria).

    Pending Visuals
    Down the pipeline are the visuals to "Ahodwo" and "Concentrate", two hit potentials that will surely introduce the brand Konana to a wider audience when they hit the TV screens. His earlier music video "Wei Pe Wei" is still running well on youtube. The “Ahodwo” audio is already running on blogs for free download, except “Concentrate” which will be released sometime in this quarter.

    Another pending work is his debut album which has a tract list of 18 good songs, a work already readied for release in mid April, this year. The album will have more of previously unreleased songs plus a few already released singles, perhaps not more than 4. It would be available locally on CD and in all digital media stores to be purchased by foreign fans who can’t get access to the CDs due to their demographic address.

    Popularity History
    Konana has already gained some degree of fame in the Eastern and Ashanti Regions. "Konana And Friends", an own-organised event (held at the Tele Center, Konongo) had FlowKing Stone, 4X4 and some upcoming stars on bill. It was a big sell-out, drawing a massive turn-out during the night.

     Presently, Konana is preparing towards his video shoot in a few weeks from now, after which he will begin the first phase of his massive official promo in Accra.

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