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    SCATA BADA Stands Tall As 2016 Bass Awards Strongest "Discovery Of The Year" Contestant, And This 12 Is The Absolute Why

    SCATA BADA Stands Tall As 2016 Bass Awards Strongest "Discovery Of The Year" Contestant, And This 12 Is The Absolute Why

    ARTICLE BY: Regula Rebel [+233 277 368 238]

    Among the 7 entries contending for this year's BASS Awards "Discovery of the Year" plaque, SCATA BADA stands superiorly tall over his rivaling 6, considering the various winning layers of his musical career profile and the depth of his game mastery --- Scata possesses all the indispensable marketing qualities a seriously business-minded reggae-dancehall artiste should first-off possess. 

    Scata Bada's Ashaiman origin is not only a personal motivation source from which he can draw extra confidence when his career moves are rolling downhill, but is also a fertile foundation upon which he can pitch his hope tent and uphold the self-assurance that the very next best artiste Ashaiman will ever offer reggae-dancehall, after Stonebwoy, is him [Scata Bada]. Relatively, Ashaiman has more of GH's finer reggae-dancehall artistes than Nima even ever has.

    The Ashaimanians are more marketable when considering a sale of artistes to a mixed audience of the elite and the masses. Scata is not deficient of those exact same marketable characteristics that our top reggae-dancehall artistes demonstrate. He practically shows his sufficiency of those characteristics in his works. This evidences him mainstream worth.

    Down next is a flow of 12 objective argument points that buttress the proclamation that Scata Bada is factually the best pick for this year's BASS Awards "Discovery of the Year" plaque.

    1] Communication Skills Mastery
    Effective communication is key to succeeding in a music career. How fast the artiste builds their fanbase much depends on their communication strength, citing artiste-audience engagement. A strong communication skills means a fast growing fanbase. An artiste's ability to communicate effectively with his audience is a proof their art commands keen attention, especially during a live performance session. Scata's good communication skills somehow make his vocal waves assume his physical form such that a keen listener would feel his imaginary presence when his song is on play. The emotional drift enshrined in his skillful vocals is evocative that the listener’s consciousness gets easily connected to his distant vibes, sort of telepathic. This is what solid artistry is about, the poetry it carries brings the passionate singer's emotions alive to the listener and that's the power of effective communication in music.

    2] Delivery Maturity
    Scata Bada demonstrates a good sense of composition during his post-writing sessions and improvisation. Before he enters the booth to record even a single line, he has already made sure that his composition has a timeless nature and the final recording will be instantly appealing to his target audience. A well-composed lyrics is an insistence serious artiste managers never compromise, it proves the artiste's lyrical prowess and sets a good marketing standard for his brand. Scata delivers his lines maturely, treating his music with a scholarly approach --- purposely to achieve creative excellence by avoiding mediocrity.   

    3] Full Level Literary Sense
     For an artiste to succeed in the music industry and still maintain his success over several decades through constant widening of his fanbase, they should first-off have a full grasp of the basic and advanced literary tools employed in songwriting and performance. He should be of the understanding that real music is more poetry than just spitting on beats. Scata Bada has this awareness and he has improved his craft to a level that puts him far above his 6 BASS Awards's "Discovery of the Year" rivals. This is so, because he has a great poetic advantage over them all. His songs: “Miss Blessing”, “Pick Up The Pieces”, “Meant To Be”, “Save Africa”, “Pain Within”, “Why” , “Unfaithful”, “Cover Me” and  “The Rock” --- these, though, are a few easy references to buttress his literary superiority, do so much evidencing to render his presence in the "Discovery of the Year" list the only strongest.

    4] Heavy Poetry Weight
    On the literary scale too, only Scata has the heaviest poetry weight and a strong contention might, relatively. With his excellent songwriting skills and mature composition tools, his works will fairly be judged the best in a comparison survey. None of his rivals beats him where good materials are concerned. He weighs extremely heavy on the far right edge, giving his 6 rivals a lowering imbalance at the scale’s left.

    5] Immediate Corporate South-After
    Aside Scata's higher literary intelligence, he possesses those artistic characteristics corporate Ghana looks for in any one artiste they will ever consider for endorsement deals or national assignments. Scata’s persona is naturally corporate-friendly and he has a good business sense --- thus, he is most likely to land multiple ambassadorial appointments to run a cause or two when he comes clearer in the showbiz limelight. His smartness and hardworking spirit makes him able for such commitments.

    6] Able Fanbase
    With his intelligent music which comes with a great poetic excellence and a strong listening appeal, Scata Bada consistently earns devoted admiration from the elite class. This takes his music to the ears of the rich class of people who have the purchasing power, thus, his fanbase comprises a set of well-off people who would will to patronize whatever music brand they consume. The same fans will hardly hesitate over his event tickets, because they are economically more able and would like to watch their artiste perform for them. This is real music business!

    7] Profitable Cultural Export
    By all artistic standards, Scata Bada is a profitable cultural export, being that attractive entertainment commodity that can be strategically branded into a further improved package capable of commanding insatiable demand by his consumers, as he does very contagious stuffs. His brand’s international appeal makes him highly marketable anywhere in the world, even where reggae-dancehall is less embraced. 

    8] Growing Collaboration Pool
    Referencing his long list of present collaborations is credit enough to motivate him to deliver his best on the next one. Scata has a good number of own-genre and cross-genre collaborations with different artistes, to name a few: Sarkodie, Stonebwoy, Jupitar, Ijudah, Gemini, King One, Boom Steppa, Molly, Godwin Dash, Xpatriate. His collaboration pool keeps growing as he gets more feature requests on a regular basis. These frequent collaborative moves help the reggae-dancehall feel to drop in the ears of many who pay less or no attention to the genre – eventually drawing in more new admirers to embrace the good old good reggae offers.

    9] Original Brand
    Most Ghanaian reggae-dancehall artistes aim to sound and act like their Jamaican role models, thus, they end up losing their original craft --- but Scata Bada has been himself from day one. His style and delivery never remind us of another recording artiste, he is relatively unique. Scata is original and that's a key leadership trait in business and real life, as far as creativity and competition go.

    10] Riddim Riding Excellence
    To ride a riddim is not merely about putting your vocals on the riddim. When they say an artiste has rode a riddim it means he actually did full justice to that riddim, and this a serious reference to recording leverage. Riddim riding is an easy do for Scata Bada, it's an ability he has demonstrated in his works over the years. He diligently studies a riddim he will use and then applies the most relevant delivery tools during writing and composition, to ensure that he earns a higher rating by every post-recording analyst. This, he does by using creative excellence --- ensuring that his rhyme schemes, lyrics, vocal emotions, diction, story concept and his styling options are perfectly matching to the texture of the riddim. Relevance should never be compromised, that’s probably Scata’s secret rule.

    11] Riddim Compilation Calls
    Due to his impressive artistry, Scata Bada has been called upon by several big name reggae-dancehall production houses on request to appear on their riddim compilation projects. He has had multiple compilation appearance requests from Empressive Music[UK], Rebel Librarion[Kenya], BeMore Records[Zimbabwe], BlueMoon Productions[UK], Fras Twin Records[Jamaica], Master Garzy[Ghana], Gerry Gill Entertainmnet [US], BlueTip Music [South Africa] and several more others. His song "Why" appears on the Johnny Blaze compilation album and it shares the same tracklist with Stonebwoy's "Run Go", and Tony Anthony's "Can I Get Some Sleep".

    12] Mixed Listenership
    Scata Bada music is one made for all! His hallmark themes cut across age, class, and religious orientation, as his music is listenable by all and sundry. Once he performs for all ages, classes and different orientations, his brand is automatically acceptable by people from all walks of life. This is a great business remark, it helps him get his music into every home as his ever-friendly musical content is neither defamatory nor the kind that merits prohibition by parental insistence or legal forces.

    Contemplating fairly on the above 12,  It’s won’t be a surprise at all if Scata Bada grabs the “Discovery of the Year” award at this year’s BASS Awards [25th December, National Theatre, Accra] --- because he truly deserves it. Scata’s craft is full of tactical poetry and has the attracting power to merit anything honorary in the music business world, as far as smart talent goes.

    ………………………….PUBLICITY CREDIT……………………
    Regula Rebel
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