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    Foresta feat. Kabaka Pyramid & Protoje - Quiet Thoughts (LYRICS)


    (Kabaka Pyramid):

    Life is a journey you know?
    And on this path I’n’I come to many realizations
    the evolution of thought to creation, u know?

    Verse 1:

    I remember when mi first start to question life,
    Age 7 ask questions why me de pon earth?
    Is this my first or my second birth?
    Or is it my third? Is that a number or is it a word?
    Is life a noun or is it verb?
    Is there a god weh a listen every single word weh mi think?
    And when mi see the color red is it the same to you?
    Or maybe what you explain is blue to me
    What you perceive is individually risen from the prison of the mind literally
    And your senses form defenses against the entry of frequencies weh them sen fi
    And the ones them weh out of them reach
    You say dem doh exist but a dem one de mi seak, yea,
    The preacher dem a preach, but in the end I teach myself to seek my self until the end of these
    Dying days, I used to ask my how?
    But now I put the why? in place
    Instead I cook the wheat I cook the rye in place
    Fi put my third eye in place, yea

    Chrous (Protoje):

    And we've lost meaning
    With all that's going on with the life we're leading
    All in all, Great or small these feelings
    Knowing that we're blessed with the air we're breathing
    Believe me

    Verse 2 (Kabaka Pyramid):

    I remember thinking if you born January how you one grade higher than someone weh born december before?
    Dat nuh mek no sense when you check it out
    The ones weh born december nuff nuh mek it out
    The school system provide the tools fi true victims arrive while fixing the mind on rules
    Three 6 a di sign dem choose
    Chesse trix by design abuse the youths
    Time a fly
    Sometimes I feel I'm a fly, jus a
    Pitch and a
    watch people sit on a clock from 9-5
    Time just a fade away
    till the day them family sing
    amazing grace
    I heard that souls are made in space
    Then them travel to earth
    So the womb can unravel the birth
    I search with a ravenous thirst, for someone to balance an merge with
    But sometimes my manners desert me
    Thoughts rambling example is this verse
    But what the meaning?
    As long as truth's been dispersed I'm cool with that
    Some a burst oozies glocks, I choose fi Ras
    Tunes keep the youths in tact
    It's kinda funny, how I keep goin like the
    energizer bunny
    Mi haffi memorize an study da verse ya
    'Cause the message I'm delivering is truth
    I confess with every synonym I use yea

    Chorus (2x)

    Outro (Kabaka Pyramid):

    Yeah man, you know de time de when
    You reflect pon life and wonder what’s the meaning…
    So one a dem time…
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