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    LYRICS: K'DAANSO - Are You Ready


     Are you ready fi di road? Ooyheah
     Are you ready fi di road? Ooyheah
     Anuh play play thing, anuh class one thing
     This’a real bigman thing
     Are you ready fi di road? Ooyheah
     Are you ready fi di road? Ooyheah
     Anuh funny man thing anuh joke man thing
     This’a real bardman thing

     1ST VERSE
     Wake up inna the morning, give thanks seh me living
     Puff a likkle sensi, yh me hol a meditation
     Music is ma life and ma life is music
     Nuff tribulation and nuff challenges
     Know unu talent and how fi use it
     Stand firm, overcome all’em challenges
     Member seh things don’t just happen, ebi you for dey make things start happen Make me tell you summin, life never soft like cotton
     2ND VERSE
     Yh me member when me just a likkle baby, me and me family, inna the church we use to sing And me bredda Danny, organ Im start fi play anuh wonder now Im’a gospel artiste And me bredda Willy, from Im me start fi learn, the art of rapping cos I saw him miming To Rockstone, Obrafour and T-Blaze, ba me switch, gwaan go follow Sonni and Yoggy Salvation Baptist der so yh me start fi buss it, Abusco yh me proceed Every entertainment night yh me rock it and
     Inna UCC yh me mash up every rasclaat hall week
     So tell Babylon seh them cyaah hol me, cah now nuff love from ma city Kumacity, yh ader so where the whole thing start ba now inna Fadama them endorse me 3RD VERSE
     I would’a never stop this hustle till the day I die,till the day I die, and I give thanks to ma God and to ma parents that kept me alive I could’a never stop the music till the day I die, and I give thanks to the God and to the womb that kept me alive
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