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    LYRICS: XHILAROY - Ghetto Born

    #GhettoBorn Lyrics by Xhila Roy Produced by Triple Beez Tubhani.... muzik Ei.. balance pon me Balance (3x) pon me Zimbabwe... 


    Where we come from is a paradise But the life we living ago mek you get surprise
    Pon the street cyaan look inna badman face twice 
    The thugs ago cause yuh sudden demise 
    Well stubborn same time me agile 
    Well educated gwan check me profile Me tek risk and dont ask why 
     You only live once so me nuh fraid to die
     Life nuh easy me still ah search ah bly 
    So me look up to jah, jah di most high 
    Life bitter nuh scenty like spice Still ah search ah bly 

    (Chorus): Man ah ghetto born.. 
    Proud ghetto born Street life ah me comfort 
    Man ah ghettoborn.. 
    Proud ghetto born 
    Di street weh me come from 

    Verse 2: 

    We living inna board house 
    Nuh brick wall zinc fence 
    Nuh drainage but ah mud trench 
    Nuh water fi quench thirst 
    Dawg nyam dawg so yuh must live with yuh sense 
    Government nuh believe inna we so im nuh invest 
    Inna di street life im nuh tek interest 
    Unity.. dat ah di best Inna di slums pon dat we depend 
    If yuh nuh smart gunshot and yuh head collide 
    Yuh owna destiny so yuh mus decide 
    Inna di mud houses the youth reside 
    Dem force pon yuh to laws yuh must abide 
    Play around dog eat yuh supper 
    But me go through 
    Me ah di #GORILLA 
    Full ah strength full ah energy 
    But me go through me ah di juggler

     [CHORUS] Repeat verse 1
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