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    KOMBOLO Erupts Beyond Damage Control, WEIJA Community burns Amidst Euphoria

    KOMBOLO Erupts Beyond Damage Control, WEIJA Community burns Amidst Euphoria 

    Last SUNDAY night at Weija was a night the entire Weija community had its maiden observance of an intense fiery performance from the ever-blazing #Ragamuffin – KOJO KOMBOLO. The Weija chieftan, royalty, subjects, and the wakeful audience watched on amazed and ablaze with excitement while KOJO KOMBOLO turned their “Homowo” into “Home or War”.

    The translation of “Homowo” grammatically corrupted into “Home or War” via the royalty’s two-choice imposition upon Kombolo --- a strong inescapable imposition that demanded KOJO KOMBOLO publicly professes of Weija as his “Home” or expect a community organized “War” against his Weija residence. The mention of war here is euphemistic, though --- a writer’s keen inference.

    Weija’s clamour to make KOJO KOMBOLO their home base artiste was the main reason they made him the highlight perfomer of their Homowo festival. The “One Ragamuffin Champion” ’s red hot performance at Weija last Sunday was more a citizenship confirmation than entertainment.  Per the post-event responses from the Weija people, they are highly honoured to have such a conscious artiste living in their midst.

    Henceforth, til that day Kombolo moves residence, all of Weija owns and honours him as their leading icon and adopted artiste --- adopted as he’s not indigenous of Weija.

    The “One Ragamuffin Champion” is now a “Weija Pride”, it’s official.

    Another spontaneous translation at the night was “Wail Jah” --- the corrupt pronunciation of Weija. “Wail Jah” is like a wake-up trumpet sound made to the Weija people during their darkest moments to quicken them to chant help to The Divine Father above for divine light and intervention.

    On the real, KOMBOLO’s verbal profession of Weija as his home base comes with a great responsibility – he’s now highly bound  to drastically revolutionize the Weija community into a profound Rastafari-conscious  base through consistent conscientization, positive per guidance, and self-knowledge renaissance. This calls for a serious leadership role that can save the Weija  youth from juvenile delinquency, drug-abuse, child waywardness, and every single destructive negativity that may catapult their possible future progress.

    KOJO KOMBOL O made the Weija people realize that they are the original biblical Israelites by both history and ancestry.

    DJ Nature Won, the official dj of the event, introduced the entire Weija community to a whole new international standard turn-tablism ---  a DJ’ing treat they’ve never experienced before in their long carnival history.

    Iver, Muzzy, Blaka, Jumanjical, King Vuvu, Gunshot, Regula Rebel, Cruked Route, Real Scheme, Free, Nii Legon, Crownzy Beatz, and several others graced up the event with their various entertainment roles and support.

    The Kombolo eruption had Weija burning red hot amidst euphoria from start of performance til the end that the people badly yearned for more even after KOJO KOMBOLO dismounted the stage.

    Regula Rebel
    CEO, 13play.net
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