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    DJ Nature Won: The FACE Behind “Heights of Reggae Dancehall, GHANA

    DJ Nature Won: The FACE Behind “Heights of Reggae Dancehall, GHANA

    UP for your closest gaze is DJ Nature Won, one of Ghana’s finest turntable greats. His playlist transcends all music genres and when he takes his set at the control he powerfully demonstrates super expert versatility and gives his audience excellent delivery.

    Basing on his renowned career pedigree, higher event appearance frequency and compelling bashment expertise, any Ghana reggae-dancehall documentary project that doesn’t mention DJ Nature Won is utter bias, inaccurate and a conspiracy work of organized sabotage to write off his praise-worthy credits.

     Though, he personally never treats the other genres as minors, but he notably has his major specialty in reggae dancehall, hence it dawned on him to incept a mini honorary festival that would celebrate the duo-genre and his fan audience in a grand setting.
    Out of this dawning came the “”Heights of Reggae Dancehall” --- an annual that draws out several die-hard reggae dancehall fans together for a full night euphoric musical concert.

    “Heights of Reggae Dancehall” happens every second weekend of August each year as a mini birthday festival to not merely celebrate the dj, but to purposely honour the Father above for the wonderful gifts of life, talent, music and the sense of industry unity. It’s, therefore, more a thanksgiving event than entertainment. According to the dj, “Heights of Reggae Dancehall” wasn’t incepted for commercial gains, but for his love for music and his appreciation of his god-given talent and life.

    “Heights of Reggae Dancehall” is basically a lifestyle event”, DJ Nature Won confirms.

    The first edition of “Heights of Reggae Dancehall”, 15th August 2015, was a big boom and it proved highly promising, as the venue was fairly packed to expectation. This year’s edition which happpend just this past Saturday, 13th August, saw a great progress; the performances were relatively far better, the sound system gave out a good quality output, and the staging of the event was treated with increased managerial seriousness.

    DJ Nature Won intended to make this year’s edition of “Heights of Reggae Dancehall” a homecoming treat to 5 of Ghana’s foreign-based reggae-dancehall seniors, namely: KOJO KOMBOLO - [Switzerland, PAAPA WASTIK - [America], BLACK I - [America], RAJA FLAMES - [Germany] and KWAME PARTAN – [Germany]. These 5 were the highlight artistes of the event.

    It was a grave disappointment that the two much expected “GHAmericans” couldn’t fly home for the event due to some honest reasons, but the highly satisfying senior level performances by KOJO KOMBOLO, KWAME PARTAN and RAJA  wonderfully made up for the omission of their  2 absentee brothers.

    Truthfully, the make-up would have been extra satisfying if the official DJ’s KING BASH and RAS NENE or NATURE WON himself played some of PAAPA WASTIK’s or BLACK I’s live performance snippets to invoke their pseudo-presence for the audience to have some Utopian sensations at the hearing of the brothers’ recorded vocals.

    There was a tall list of supporting home-based favourites and it was a great joy seeing them on stage. These are variously: ADD YUTE, GOLD TEETH, RAS KUUKU, JAH WYZ, IWAN, KONKARAH, KING VUVU, BLAKK MEXXIAH, BURNING FAYA, BLOUK, CAPONE, OWURAH, FAYA TRUTH, JONI BLAZE, MUTA FAYA, VYPA, DOUBLE D, NATURE B, ARTILLERY, K.G VYBZ and QUEEN RUKI.

    The truant artistes listed are OSAGYEFO, KOFI FANTI, WAN ROW, JUMANJICAL, RUDEBWOY RANKIN, ADDI SELF, DON CASH, AJ LYRIKS, SCATA BADA, YARDIE, CHAMELEON, IJUDAH, NINO VYBES, ROY GENERAL, BASTERO, NAYAH FAYA, and JUDANITE. These were on the bill, but for some reasons they couldn’t make it up to the show. WAN ROW was having a personal event simultaneously, that prevented him from turning up at “Heights of Reggae Dancehall”. Some of the truant artistes also had to perform at other rival events elsewhere during the night -- they might have finished their sets late and exhausted that coming to “Heights of Reggae Dancehall” was hard. OSAGYEFO and KOFI FANTI were present at “Heights of Reggae Dancehall”, though, yet they didn’t step the stage. RUDEBWOY RANKIN was out of town.

    The gender imbalance at “Heights of Reggae Dancehall” this year was a bit appalling, as the only female stage presence was QUEEN RUKI. Next year’s edition should have more female artistes to incorporate the feminine energy into the game and get it balanced.  

    Performance stopped at 4:30am, then followed a super exciting bashment of easy skanking tunes co-played by KING BASH and RAS NENE til a bit close to 6am when the last tune was buzzed to whistle out the event.

    Regula Rebel
    CEO, 13play.net
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