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    *Big JC: Artist Biography*

    Meet Big JC which is Krio slang meaning "Big Just Come” given to him by the youth of eastern Freetown. Big, due to his stature, and “Just Come” because he was a new arrival from America). He is Gullah/Geechee (African American) artist from Pennsylvania, and a respected international Pan African activist and grassroots organizer, who repatriated to Sierra Leone in 2013, where he now lives and works.

    His genre of music is called "RBG" (Revolutionary But Gangsta), most popularized by the legendary Hip Hop group Dead Prez consisting of the rap duo M1 and Sticman, respectively. Big JC is also affiliated with the RBG Repat Nation, independent artists movement and cultural arts program pioneered by Tahir RBG for the promotion of holistic repatriation of Africans from the Diaspora. His unique sound is revolutionary within itself, with his captivating lyrics that many can relate to worldwide. Big JC has a 90's era sound, melodic tone, poetic flow, and lyrics which brings conscious awareness and catches the ear of an array of listeners.

    “Technically my career as a Hip Hop emcee began as hobby in my childhood and has developed into this point since. My mission is to utilize my skills, talents, knowledge, experience, and passionate determination to stimulate a major change in the contextual focus, quality, and direction of Hip Hop music and culture as an heavy weight emcee and CEO of Boku Life Family in Africa and America simultaneously in a fashion that will positively impact the lives of millions of young, poor, and disadvantaged aspiring emcees worldwide."

    Big JC has rapped since he can remember and began writing music and poetry with his siblings as a hobby during childhood. He first began recording his music alongside his late brother Mini Dog aka Remedy on a simple tape recorder in the early 90's. In 2000 he became a studio recording artist for his cousin Automatic's indie label, "Thug World Entertainment". He was featured under the artist name "Grim" on three songs that were part of the last "Thug World" mixtape compilation in 2001 before Automatic was wrongfully convicted of an armed robbery and attempt murder, and then subsequently sentenced to 20 to 40 years in state prison.

    "Growing up was hard for this outlaw/Parkway projects nigga North star/Everybody that I know is left with a scar/Its three cliques and everybody lost a road dawg..." - Ain’t Da Same (Thug World Ent. 2001).

    Soon after in May 2003 his brother Remedy who was his musical role model and life inspiration was killed in a mysterious car crash while on active duty in the US Navy, just as he was rising in the Hip Hop game. Big JC lost his motivation as he mourned and only returned to the mic in 2013 when he was encouraged by two Allentown youth in Freetown to jump on a song entitled "No Money".

    "I was born into poverty determined to make it out the ghetto nobody stopping me/Mama said son take time and think logically, success is not about the accumulation of property/I looked her in the eyes and replied I planned properly/Executing moves with precision, despise hypocrisy..." Ain’t Sleep Anymore (2014)

    Big JC is presently emerging on the national airwaves with the official radio release of his first hit single "Walk Away (Abo)" featuring Mega P of Black Leo in January 2016. Big JC is working on his first mixtape tentatively entitled "Fresh On The Scene" which will demonstrate his conceptual depth, lyrical prowess and unique flow as he tells his extraordinary life story from growing up in the streets and prisons of America, to his experience as a Gullah/Geechee repatriate to Sierra Leone in his own words.

    As CEO of Boku Life Family he’s working with a host of prolific and prominent Sierra Leonean artist to produce and promote a new generation of African Hip Hop.


    Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/bigjcrbg

    Dunia Magazine interview:


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