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    M.anifest-Sark Feud Puts GH Dancehall Under Siege --- King One’s RASH JUDGEMENT

    M.anifest-Sark Feud Puts GH Dancehall Under Siege --- King One’s RASH JUDGEMENT

    King One Beatz, a multi-genre music producer in Tema, rashly judges that the recent M.anifest-Sark beef is detrimental to the reign of dancehall in Ghana, inferring that their feud is an organized lead attempt towards the resurrection of GH Rap over GH Dancehall--- but the serious question is: “Is Hip Life still strong enough to overthrow dancehall and assume its reign? If YES!, how long will this overthrow last?.

    It’s an undisputable fact that major hip life stakeholders consider GH dancehall to be a rival genre --- this is clearly so because hip life lost huge public attention when dancehall took over the mainstream and most artiste managers would now hunt for dancehall up-comers than rap up-comers. This is the effect that had some young GH rappers switching to dancehall. They then began improving on their Jamaican patios vocabulary, just to master the exchange and survive the threat. Thus, it’s no secret how dancehall snatched a lot of rappers from hip life.

    Now, it seems top hip lifers are coming in so hard on a concerted effort to avert the strong threat dancehall is posing to their falling genre and this is their weak strategy: “Serial Feud”. It starts with Sark’s “Bossy”, E.L’s “King Without A Crown, M.anifest’s “god MC” and Sark’s “Kanta” – his sequel directed against M.anifest. The massive attention these feud releases are getting in the media makes King One and other industry panelists infer the decline of GH dancehall --- because dancehall is now being less discussed.  Young rappers are ever happy their leaders are pushing hip life back up high in reign over dancehall, but are oblivious of the bitter truth – mission impossible.

    The popular inference that hip life will overthrow dancehall in Ghana is utter illusion --- a fantasy that can never be realized anytime now.  

    Dancehall is a revolution, hip life is not. Hip life has no lifestyle at all. There’s nothing like hip life lifestyle, but dancehall is a lifestyle in its own respect.  Worse, hip life hasn’t even lived a bit of the struggle GH dancehall has been through before --- from the days of zero media attention, lack of stakeholders, corporate shun, genre minority, and whatever.

    It should be noted that the depth of dancehall’s cementation in Ghana keeps thickening by the day and there’s a large bunch of several wild dancehall up-comers who are stomping and hammering hard against the industry’s back door, hence it won’t be an easy task for the hip life cohort gurus to sink GH Dancehall down  --- much especially, when this large bunch breaks into mainstream, the impossibility will deepen.

    GH Dancehall and GH Rap are rival genres, accepted and understood! --- but the latter can never give the former a threatening competition, even in a cross-genre beef. Dancehall is too rough and tough to ever lose its reign in Ghana. The genre has much more to give than what the nation has yet seen. The stakeholders within the core force upholding GH Dancehall have a lot of unrevealed smart plans up their sleeves and are ready anytime to salvage the genre from harsh emergency.

    Concluding, King One’s rash judgment and others like it only seems real, it’s an illusion born out of lame reasoning – maybe irrational fear. The M.anifest-Sark feud poses no threat to the reign of dancehall in Ghana. Honestly, ” Bossy”, “A King Without A Crown”, “god MC”, “Kanta” and all future feud releases that may join the series will rather make GH Rap keenly interesting than lay it over dancehall.

    GH Dancehall reigns til kingdom come!

    Regula Rebel
    CEO, 13play.net
    [+233 277 368 238]
    Facebook: Regula Rebel
    Twitter: 13play_net
    Instagram: 13play.nett
    WEBSITE: 13play.net


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