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    BIOGRAPHY: Lord Qaliba [Reggae Artiste]



     Born Emmanuel Kwesi Obrempong Adjei, Lord Qaliba represents the new generation of indigenous root reggae musicians in Africa.
    He recently sheared stage with the legendary flutist DELA BOTRI of hewale sounds;Cite Highlife from France and Ghana’s ace high life maestro PAT THOMAS on a concert organized by alliance Françiase in the western region of Ghana where he hails from.
    Lord Qaliba’s unique style, energy, indigenous blend and over whelming vocal delivery scaled his status as the emerging face of reggae in the western region as reported by Paragon 99.9fm and some local news journalist in Takoradi – Ghana after the concert which was dubbed a night with legends.
    Lord Qaliba although a full time musician also has a professional background as a therapist, a trained and certified chiropractic assistant registered under the traditional medicine council of the ministry of health, Ghana.
    He is currently active in the studio recording as well as shooting music videos for his yet to be released album.
    A versatile and multi talented personality, Lord Qaliba through years of studies and apprenticeship on field have natured all his innate and intellectual abilities.
     stating on a recent interview  he noted thatthe new age Rasta or reggae musician must be one that commands change, decency and a bed rock of inspiration for both the young and old void of stigma from all negative brands associated.
    As a young visionary who grew up from the heart of the western region now the oil city, Lord Qaliba recalls how difficult  life was  growing as a young Rasta, thus the struggle he endured he notes propelled his drive to establish his stand to make  difference through ceaseless studies and practice.
    The last born of 2 children, Lord Qaliba hails from a family of health practitioners his mum now a retired nurse and his father an x-ray technician.
     He narrates by stating “my worse day of trial home about music was the day I first brought an acoustic guitar home, hell broke loose, he said,as my father furiously  warned me not to bring in that thing he referred to my guitar into his home.
     So scared yet determined I stayed out carelessly strumming my dis-tuned 5 stringed lead guitar which I had borrowed from a friend, till my mother sneaked me in to sleep late night holding tight the guitar to my chest I tipped toed and crawled to bed shedding tears all night.
    Lord Qaliba started his professional journey as a media practitioner after been denied educational support from his parents after high school due to his convention from been Roman Catholic to Rastafarianism and worse growing dread locks.
     Yet that didn’t influence his decision but rather toughened him not to give up, he gained entry to be part of a radio show after been invited by a friend who later became a mentor “Mr. Ralph Addico” of blessed memories who was a literature teacher and a pan -Africanist.
    Realizing how articulate and confidence RAS MENTAX as Lord Qaliba was formally called, the producer of the programme “RAS BABY RAS” engaged  him week after week on the reggae current affairs show which was titled “reggae conscious time” aired on GBC’s twin city 94.7fm
    Growing interest in radio, Lord Qaliba dedicated himself to studies, from mixer control, radio presentation to the whole art of broadcasting and soon became the host of the programme for 5 consecutive years.
    In 2007 Lord Qaliba decided to pass on the mantle of leadership ,a big blow it was to the producer but Lord Qaliba was determined to move on to achieve his dreams of becoming a well rounded media personnel.
    With plans to try T.V production Lord Qaliba scripted a programme which he called “African heritage drum call” his vision was to improvise his experience on radio to T.V by hosting a current affairs show on matters relating to the whole African region.
    His first production shot was done from a loan he secured from his mum; he rented the services of a cameraman, production equipments and transported the new team to Accra the capital of Ghana.
    He shot the first series of his show interviewing his diasporian friend Mr. Glenn Mattison who was in Ghana for a visit, unfortunately the project couldn’t reach main stream due to the lack of funds.
    Little did Lord Qaliba know that the eye of God was on his vision, after they returned from the trip the cameraman he hired well introduced himself to Lord Qaliba as the western regional correspondent for metro T.V, impressed about his observation he employed Lord Qaliba.
    It took but a short while for Lord Qaliba to master the art of news reportage, yet again he rose through the ranks to become the senior script writer at prince media production. Learning all he could from his new found teacher Charles Egyir.
    For yet another 3years of studies and practical work on field Lord Qaliba was flowing with confidence in the inky fraternity well noted for his turbaned head gear, always suited and booted.
    After his long service and studies at prince media production the call to fulfill his music career was so strong he had to move on.
    He established caliba media production then after and with his team of young enthusiastic bands men, they played acoustic music for hotels, beach resorts, and toured as far as any opportunity surfaced.
    As times got harder financially all his group members left to follow their own dreams leaving Lord Qaliba to his faith but the young RAS  never gave up and kept moving.
    The struggle makes you tougher he says, always availing himself to learn new things Lord Qaliba enrolled as a spraying apprentice, based on his competence he was later made the secretary.
    From his proceeds he started recording demos which he later mastered and through his P.R.O,ELIASU ALHASSAN’s recommendation to his friend, Lord Qaliba got his first live studio recording sponsored by his new found friend “KING B ONE STEP AT A TIME was then recorded at groove house studios.
    His child hood friend Edmund Williams hearing ONE STEP AT A TIME was so impressed he booked for another studio session; “MEMORIES” was recorded and produced from that generous impact.
    Lord Qaliba has since self sponsored more than 40 tracks some of which has been selected on his album which is yet to be released.
    Over the years to date, Lord Qaliba has represented the western region on major platforms such as ASA BAKO which cast his image to large international audience.
    He was recently on Black Rasta’s Kouchoko reggae festival shearing stage with African reggae international artist such as Ras kimono.
    Poised to command change in the socio-economic and over all well being of the masses, Lord Qaliba evokes lyrics of hope, patience, love, responsibility and above all peace in his music delivery.
    Keen to revolutionaries and heighten interest of reggae locally, Lord Qaliba don’t only sing in English but also in his native language Fante and Twi with an indigenous afro centric appeal.
     In 2011 he was introduced into chiropractic care, for the next 3years he was natured and schooled  through the art, science and philosophy of chiropractic which uses the hand to detect and correct  vertebral interferences in the human body.
    While doing music in between time, he clinically served, successfully passed both his theory and practical exams and was certified as a chiropractic assistant at life scientists and global doctor’s health institution.
    Maturing through the road of life Lord Qaliba became a father in 2011.
    Multitasking with focus, he is living with his family putting all his arts to play, conforming music, science, media and family life as a formidable Endeavour.
    Playing live indigenous root reggae music nationwide and preaching spinal hygiene as his new found message of salvation to health, Lord Qaliba is on a mission entertaining, educating and well informing the masses.
     On the future, Lord Qaliba states” the collective balance of all I have harmonized through years of humble studies have brought me this far”.
    Adding he said the power through the grace of Jah would transport me to a bright future which starts from the CLEAR VISION album, if it doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger he says.
    With the eyes of Jah keen on Lord Qaliba, he was recently nominated to represent the western region at the world music day festival hosted by Alliance Françiase Accra-Ghana.
    Currently Lord Qaliba is seriously on the preparation table with his team to kick start his nationwide tour dubbed “MUSIC THERAPY” which is purposed to blend musical performances with health sensitization and education most importantly spinal hygiene.

    He is also preparing to release DNA AFRIQUE an international collaboration with MOK records in Jamaica scheduled for 2016. The international music project is to bridge the brand Lord Qaliba to the world of universal reggae production.

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