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    K’DAANSO Steps out with TWIN EP’s, sets a RELEASE RECORD among Peers

    K’DAANSO Steps out with TWIN EP’s, sets a RELEASE RECORD among Peers

    Written by: REGULA REBEL

    Talking of GH reggae-dancehall career feats 2016, the loudest WHOA! ever only booms up when MUSIC BOX K’DAANSO explodes and leaves AFFRO-DIZZYAK dangling wild in the air. AFFRO-DIZZYAK is that double pack EP which K’DAANSO is ruthlessly reserving til the closure of the fore half of the year and its echo is suspected to be rocking real hard through the year’s hind half  [even beyond, obvious truth] until a rival triple pack EP from a competing well-versed artiste is unleashed. Surely, with AFFRO-DIZZYAK alone, K’DAANSO sets a tough release record which wouldn’t be easy to be broken by any rival artiste or the peers in his generation.

    Fully Bad Mixtape Volume I, a 2014 introductory release by K’DAANSO, might have left many wondering as to whether he’s indeed fully bad --- but yeah! AFFRO-DIZZYAK is a clean confirmation that he is. Even the recent sequel mixtape  [Fully Bad Reloaded, mixed by DJ Nature Won] is a strong emphasis that proves that K’DAANSO is a rough force. Fully Bad when expanded reads “Fully Blessed And Delivered”, the artiste reveals. “Fully Bad Mixtape Volume II is pending”, another source revelation.

    AFFRO-DZZYAK, the compound title of K’DAANSO’s siamese EP, comes in two packs --- the first pack [AFFRO] is a careful collection of 9 afro fusion tracks whiles the second pack [DIZZYAK] is a list of his reggae and dancehall pieces --- also a total of 9 tracks.

    Yes! AFFRO-DIZZYAK is a joint package of two different EP’s, namely AFFRO and DIZZYAK.

    It was practically intended to never make neither AFFRO nor DIZZYAK another regular EP of just 7 tracks, because there was 20 odd tracks in the song reservoir prior to selection decision and the artiste wanted to give more than just 14 tracks, hence at the time of track-listing the team collectively had to employ the barely used over-the-usual-rule method and suggested each EP housed 9 tracks. A solid list of 18 tracks possibly makes one proper album, but the deciding team rather broke the total down into twins: AFFRO and DIZZYAK, as they mutually had a strong feeling for a double EP release.

    At the first hearing of AFFRO-DIZZYAK, it’s tricky to infer a work built on classic love, epic romance, twilight frenzies and sexual escapades --- but it’s a multi-concept musical product that treats love and other lifestyle concerns.

    AFFRO-DIZZYAK was severally built by 9 different producers and it boasts of 6 guest appearances in the persons of Ko-Jo Cue,  Blaq Diamond, Luther, Mr Eazi, Cabum and Carter. All these magnetic voices added the right magic that would be needed to make AFFRO-DIZZYAK a hit double EP. Below is the tracklist, with mentions of the featured guests and producers.

    First  EP:  “AFFRO ” [Tracklist]
    1. Are You Ready  [Prod By Cabum]
    2. Pepede              [Prod By Cabum]
    3. Ah She That      [featuring KO-JO CUE] [Prod By Peweezel]
    4. Pan It                 [featuring BLAQ DIAMOND] [Prod By Blaq Diamond]
    5. Friendly Match    [featuring LUTHER]  [Prod By Brundai]
    6. Bachelor               [featuring MR EAZI]  [Prod By Senyo Cue]
    7. Yaazaayi          [featuring CABUM]  [Prod By Cabum]
    8. Big Man           [Prod By Dream Jay]
    9. Dawg Them    [featuring CABUM and CARTER] [Prod By Cabum]

    Second EP:  “DIZZYAK ” [Tracklist]
    1. Nhyiraba             [Prod By Peweezel]
    2. Wo Nim Rasta    [Prod By Cabum]
    3. Hard Times         [Prod By Peweezel]
    4. Odo Nkoaa         [Prod By DDT]
    5. Fall Fi Me            [Prod By JR]
    6. Come Over         [Prod By Laxio]
    7. Flying Away        [Prod By Cabum]
    8. Ring The Alarm  [Prod By Cabum]
    9. Dutty Minded    [featuring Cabum]  [Prod BY Cabum]

    Come June 29, both twin EP’s simultaneously hit the world’s popular digital stores, variously: iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, Amazon, etc and they surely can be found in TuneCore’s distribution catalogue.

    Even though, June 29 is the official release date, yet the songs will only be available for purchase in the digital stores from  July 10 --- per the digital store regulators’ general rule.  

     Of the success of AFFRO-DIZZYAK, as far as executive roles go, OM Music, Boom Entertainment and Cue Music get the major credit mentions. Extended credits go to Peewezel, Cabum, Laxio, Brundai, Senyo Cue, DDT, JR, Dream Jay, Blaq Diamond, Nii Nai Mensah, Ken Ayiah and a tall list of other contributing expert hands and studio auxiliaries that helped in various fields.

    AFFRO-DIZZYAK, as a timeless multi-genre product, will surely do very well on the international market, even as it has the potential to please many different kinds of hearing tastes. Its timelessness, content type and variety is a revelation that the songs will attract all ages worldwide over several decades, judging from both EP’s overall rhythm build.

    For news updates, bookings, enquiries, downloads, facts and verifications pertaining to K’DAANSO, log  on to www.kdaanso.com. External links are www.13play.net, www.soundcloud.com   and other blogs that would be optimized in google search hits when looking for K’DAANSO’s works.

    Regula Rebel
    CEO, 13play.net
    [+233 277 368 238]
    Facebook: Regula Rebel
    Twitter: 13play_net
    Instagram: 13play.nett
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