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    KOJO KOMBOLO supports “March Against Monsanto” in GHANA

    KOJO KOMBOLO supports “March Against Monsanto” in GHANA

    Recent protests against the integration of GMO’s into the mainstream diet stock seems not to end anytime now until organic produce gains ultimate sovereignty in our food markets worldwide. The emphasis on organic farming deepens by the day alongside increasing diet knowledge by health conscious pundits, and KOJO KOMBOLO has added his objection to GMO integration in a protest theme song he calls “No GMO”.   

    There’s a bulk collection of documented medical proofs that reveal that genetically modified foods pose a major threat to both humans and the environment, yet still world super powers that have great political influence are ruthlessly imposing their anti-organic food agenda on third world countries and it’s obvious should any third world country oppose strongly against this agenda, that country is most likely to suffer future trade sanctions, should the west get too wild with their harmful imposition and the moves are futile.

    According to Kojo Kombolo, GMO is a systemic western witchcraft which major purpose is only to harm whatever is agriculturally natural and divine through political scheming.  He passionately expresses his support for nature living, in his song. He says “It’s only when nature feeds humanity with its God-intended foods will humans experience actual good health and still maintain their super spirituality”. GMO is an evil laboratory invention and a medical war against intelligent design, he added.

    Undoubtedly, GMO’s have several serious negative side effects on human health and the environment.

    Kojo Kombolo’ song “No GMO” gets increased relevance as a group of Ghanaians who oppose GMO will be on a protest march dubbed “March Against Monsanto” tomorrow [May 21]. The march starts at 7am prompt from the TV3 premises through certain chosen streets and ends at Kawukudi park, Accra. The chief aim of this march is to conscientize the general public on the dangers of GMO and also to maximize the mass insistence on organic consumption.

    Next after emancipating ourselves from mental slavery, let us desist from the harmful consumption of unnatural food products, this humanity will be much better without the introduction of human-unfriendly inventions to our lifestyle ---- Kojo Kombolo revealed.  

    Below is the download link to “No GMO”, a song KOJO KOMBOLO performed.


    Regula Rebel,
    CEO, 13play.net
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